November 6, 2013

Well, in the past week, things have been quite a roller-coaster ride! Since I’ve been taking my insulin twice a day now…I have been seeing some improvement. In fact, one morning I had a 167 sugar level! Weeeeeeeee  And I am showing about a 100 level drop in my daily sugars which puts me in the 225-245 range. Even though this is still high, it’s better than the 345 range and it’s going in the right direction!

I’m up to 60 units of insulin though. 30 in the AM….30 in the PM. I just ordered my Syntra5 today. Hopefully, this will help with my sugar levels.

Syntra5™, a multi-faceted blood sugar support product backed by over 10 years of research and development and supported by a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial.

The natural ingredients used in the proprietary TBS-5™ Complex are some of the most heavily researched in the nutraceutical industry. When it comes to blood sugar health, Syntra5 is the natural choice.

Study Results:

* Fasting Blood Sugar – from 196 to 89*
* Hemoglobin A1c – from 7.7 to 4.66*
* Cholesterol – from 338 to 240*
* Triglycerides – from 255 to 203*
* Blood Pressure – from 171/75 to 146/70*

I am going to try it. I only ordered one bottle to see how good it works. If it helps, I’ll re-order a 3 month supply and keep y’all informed!

BTW…I found out that the marvelous white bread sub-rolls that I love and get from my local market …doesn’t love me back in return! Because the next morning right after the morning I had the 167 sugar level….and that night with this delicious sub, my fasting sugar was 224! *BIG SIGH* Will have to wait until my sugars are normal to have that again…and then, only sparingly!

Next Monday, I am starting my  Diabetes Solution Kit  plan by Joe Barton. Hopefully, between my insulin, Syntra5 and this plan, I’ll get this disease under control. Stay tuned!

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