Ecclectic World

Merry Meet! I’m into Pagan, gnostic and natural things. Now, let me explain Pagan. The term pagan is from the Latin paganus, an adjective originally meaning “rural”, “rustic” or “of the country.” As a noun, paganus was used to mean “country dweller, villager.” Only about the 4th century did the semantic development of post-classical Latin paganus in the sense “non-Christian, heathen” develop. Paganism is a blanket term, typically used to refer to polytheistic religious traditions. Gnostic means: Of, relating to, or possessing intellectual or spiritual knowledge. Gnosticism is the doctrines of certain pre-Christian pagan, Jewish, and early Christian sects that valued the revealed knowledge of God and of the origin and end of the human race as a means to attain redemption for the spiritual element in humans and that distinguished the Demiurge from the unknowable Divine Being. And of course, naturalism is all things in the natural word that can be used by us for our health, well-being and sustenance.
What I write about here are things that are my own thoughts, opinions and beliefs alone. I have been on a spiritual journey for over 15 years and have studied, researched and practiced many different things, to include being a high priestess in Wicca. My journey has evolved as I have found my way along my spiritual path to where I’ve accepted somethings from paganism, gnosticism/christianity and naturalism and incorporated these into a belief system that resonates within my heart & soul and feels right for me. So, I would like to share the knowledge and findings with you here. I hope you’ll keep an open mind, enjoy the writings, opinions and conclusions I have learned and possibly come away from these at the very least, entertained and hopefully, with a wee bit more “gnosis” then you had before!

Blessed Be!

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