I Won My Foreclosure Case!

The Maine Supreme Court has finalized my foreclosure case….in MY favor…citing ” that the administration of justice outweighs the important interest in finality of litigation”!

Imagine that…a court putting JUSTICE ahead of policy & practice (of a court not normally [and sparingly and only in a clear instance of previous error] reopening issues of law already decided ) because they wanted to prevent a manifest injustice! Manifest injustice means something which is ‘obviously unfair’ or ‘shocking to the conscience.’ It refers to an unfairness that is direct, obvious, and observable: an outcome in a case that is plainly and obviously unjust.

And in THIS case, because I didn’t just “sit on my rights” but kept fighting and going on throughout the court system stating the samething over & over again that the bank didn’t own my mortgage deed due to a MERS assignment that only gave the bank the right to record which did NOT give them ownership to provide standing to sue and because under Maine law in Saunders (decided 28 months BEFORE my case) this argument was correct at the time I argued it in court and this was overlooked by the Supreme Court (thus a clear previous error which is plainly and obviously unjust and unfair), they chose to reopen my case and correct their error and serve justice!
WOWZERS!! See their decision by clicking on #5 below…I’ve included all the filings that led to this decision after I hired an attorney because the courts made it very clear that they couldn’t/wouldn’t hear my argument as a pro-se litigant’s argument. But, they heard it when my attorney said that I said it! GRRRRRRRRRRR

  1. My attorney’s first filing of the 60(b) motion for Relief from Judgment to the Springvale District Court
  2. The Supreme/Law Court’s  order to refile the above motion in the Supreme/Law Court
  3. The refiled above mentioned 60(b) motion
  4. US Bank’s ordered response to refiled 60(b) motion
  5. Supreme/Law Court’s ruling granting my motion and remand vacating and dismissing the foreclosure judgment that was in the bank’s favor
  6. Springvale District Court’s ruling vacating the judgment and dismissing it with prejudice

They want to dig up the Great Barrier Reef!

The ecological system of Mother Earth is all of humankind’s duty to protect as stewards of this planet. We are the only species who can destroy it, so we have to be ever vigilant in guarding it and protecting it from ourselves.

The mining industry is at it again, this time pushing forward a breathtakingly greedy and arrogant plan that could destroy the Great Barrier Reef forever. But we’ve got a way to stop it. Learn more here.


“A doctor wants to test a relic of Lincoln’s  assassination — a fragment of a pillowcase stained with his blood and brain matter — to solve a medical mystery, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.”

Apparently,  cardiologist John Sotos, a rare-disease buff, wants to test the DNA left on Lincoln’s pillowcase to see if Lincoln was dieing of a rare form of cancer before he was shot.  The testing can damage the relic and the family has requested that we just let Lincoln RIP. Do you think we should honor their request or should we test the relic? CLICK HERE to voice your opinion and to read more about this.

Me? I think we should just let a great man’s personal life alone, let what we already know be enough and spend more time testing DNA of those who are alive with rare diseases to see if we can figure these diseases out to cure and wipe them out!


Think again!  The US economy is very fragile. Why? Because it is fast becoming a plutonomy. That’s an economy that depends on how the wealthy spend and invest.  A far less stable economy then one based on an equal distribution of income and mass consumption.

In a Wall Street Journal article by Robert Frank, he states: “According to new research from Moody’s Analytics, the top 5% of Americans by income account for 37% of all consumer outlays. Outlays include consumer spending, interest payments on installment debt and transfer payments.  By contrast, the bottom 80% by income account for 39.5% of all consumer outlays.”

In other words, our economy is more dependant on a very small, RICH percentage of our population for it’s health and stability! When we have the rich spending (because they can) and the rest of us struggling to stay afloat and paying our bills so we’re spending less, that’s a recipe for an instable plutonomy. Why? Because even the rich can’t keep spending forever! They too will eventually have to draw upon their savings and according to the above mentioned Wall Street Journal article, a report by Moody’s Analytics says that the rich are saving less!

So, President Obama, we are wise to this delimma and know that our economy is NOT on the rebound. You need to help us even out the jobs, income and interest rates so the majority can once again spend, invest and save to make our economy a healthy, stable and equally distributed across the board one, once again!


I just heard on the local news that a city not far from me here in Maine has gotten enough signatures to force a referendum on the November ballot to allow non-(US)citizens to be able to vote just because they pay taxes, have children in the city’s schools and live there. It won’t let them do state or federal voting (YET!) but it’s only fair they say, to let them do so at the city level.
HUH? Excuse me, but if I’m not mistaken, our constitution allows American citizens to vote. The operative word there being… AMERICAN! So they pay taxes! So they have children attending our schools! If they are NOT American citizens, then they do NOT have the same rights as I do given to me by my constitutional rights!!! Same with the illegal immigrants issue. How dare they come to my country, ILLEGALLY….. take from our welfare system, in most cases don’t pay taxes (but now want to get social security benefits!), get drivers licenses, and then have the nerve to DEMAND equal rights that I, being born and raised here thus being LEGAL, have the constitutional right to have! What in God’s holy name gives them the right to even THINK they can do this? If I went to their country and tried this, I’d be jailed and then when done serving my sentence, promptly deported!
Now I don’t want to hear about how immigrants made and built this country argument to defend this. I am NOT talking about LEGAL immigrants who become American citizens. I’m talking about ILLEGAL immigrants and immigrants who have NOT become American citizens. If you want to vote, receive welfare assistance, social security benefits, live freely as an American and have a voice on how the municipality you live in functions, then take the time to become an American! Otherwise, you’re just a visitor who has been granted permission to work and live here. If you’re here ILLEGALLY, then you don’t deserve ANYTHING from us, let alone have the right to DEMAND anything and you need to be deported back to your original home and denied entry for a few years as punishment for breaking OUR LAWS! Your own country would do the same thing to ME if I went there illegally (as they should!) so why do you expect my country to do anything different?
Yes, I welcome immigrants who LEGALLY come here. My own family history is Irish, so I understand wanting a better way of life. But until you actually put your hand over your heart, pledge allegiance to the American flag and our constitution and BECOME an American, you’re still just a visitor in my country, and have NO constitutional right to vote or any other constitutional rights granted to Americans, PERIOD!


Think you can browse and just shop anonymously in Wal-Mart? Think again! As of August 1st Wal-Mart took a tool they had to track pallets of merchandise in their warehouses and supply chains called radio-frequency ID tags (RFID tags) and are now placing them into clothing tags! So now when you buy a pair of jeans or some UNDERWEAR, you can be tracked while wearing them throughout the store by anyone holding a hand held scanner!

You say, so what? Just rip off the tags. Well, guess what? You might be able to remove the tag, but the RFID tag itself can’t be turned off.  So, when you throw it into your garbage, marketers or CROOKS driving by could scan it and see what you’ve just purchased! And how many of us usually remove the tags? So, if you’re not aware of this issue, most likely, the tag stays put! Plus, the hand held scanners used to scan these tags, can scan ANY RFID enhanced CARDS such as the new drivers licenses NY and Washington State is issuing, ID cards, BANK cards, etc!  Combine this with your credit card info and WHALA! … a store could assign a number to you and identify you every time you enter their store! And if a store could do this, so couldn’t crooks who manage to get a hold of these scanners, or anybody else for that matter.

And also think about this. These tags use RADIO frequency. That means, LISTENING ability. Do you really want someone to have the possibility of listening to your underwear? SIGH… Big Brother is LISTENING America!


Chile Mine CollapseThere has been a breakthrough to the underground room where 33 Chilean miners have been trapped for 66 days on Saturday. After 33 days of drilling, the “Plan B” drill broke through to the miners 622 meters down. Celebration and cheering started as soon as the ‘Camp Hope’ siren rang out confirming the break through.  Although no one has been brought to the surface yet, everyone involved is excited about the news. Officials still have yet to decide whether they are going to bring up the miners via a capsule through the unreinforced rock tunnel they just created, or if they’re going to reinforce it with heavy steel piping first. For more info on this story, see the AP story here. Picture above courtesy of the Associate Press.

IMHO, I feel that the sooner they get these miners out, the better and Tuesday seems so very far away! So, I’ll be glued to the news reports Tuesday cheering everyone on! Hope you join me. My prayers and best wishes are with all of the workers, the miners and their families as this nightmare is coming to a close!


According to a ‘Miracles and Inspiration’ news article by Scott Mowry, the Vatican, the Obama administration and the European Space Agency (among others) are gearing up to make a revelation of great proportions that will shake not only the Catholic & Christian religions but the whole world to it’s very core! As early as some time this month, it seems that some UFO experts think that the above mentioned organizations will reveal the existance of ETs! And that they have been actively preparing us for this revealion through various means. For instance, the Pope’s senior astronomer, Brother Guy Consolmagno stated recently that he would baptize ETs if they asked him as they too might have souls. Intrepid scientist and NASA investigator Richard Hoagland commented on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on September 17th that he believes this comment by Brother Consolmagno is a clear indication that an ET disclosure may happen very soon by saying to the radio host George Noory, “This is obviously a planned run up to disclosure, I mean there is no other way to account for this.”
Mr. Hoagland in November 2008 at the Secrets Conference in a presentation called “The Hyper-dimensional Election of Barack Obama” stated that the Obama administration is stoutly committed to making a disclosure announcement and that “Obama’s entire election is about making the hidden history of the human race finally unhidden.”
Mr. Hoagland believes that this disclosure will include the announcement that “the European Space Agency (ESA) may be ready to reveal the news that the moon Phobos orbiting around Mars is actually an ancient extra-terrestrial craft. There is going to be an accelerating cascade of these events, not only from the Vatican… you are going to see things coming from our administration. There is a lot of clues that we are getting closer to some kind of official movement this Fall… think of an ‘October surprise’,” he added. He speculated that the October or November time frame may be the most likely, says Scott Mowry.
UFO investigator for over 40 years, Dr. Stanton Friedman seems to agree and on the same Coast to Coast radio show he stated “that the Pope has taken several critical steps over the last year that seem to be setting the world up for extra-terrestrial disclosure. What does he know that we don’t know? It sounds like he is getting Catholics ready for the big disclosure.”
With the Vatican’s chief astronomer Father Jose Gabriel Fune’s comment in May 2008 “just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother,’ and ‘sister,’ why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? It would still be part of creation”, the Vatican’s symposium in Rome on the possibility of the existance of ETs in November 2009 where over 30 of the world’s best scientist, astronomers and scholars attended and the Vatican’s Monsignor Corrado Balducci proclaiming that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomena on Italian TV, is it any wonder why there are some believing the same as Mr. Hoagland and Dr. Friedman?
And to top this all off, UFO researcher Larry Lowe stated in the ‘Pheonix Examiner’ about the new series “The Event” airing on the NBC Network, “I can assure you that the viewer will be treated to the unprecedented visualization of the President of the United States finally admitting to the public that ET exists — and that some of them look a lot like us and are here on the planet already.”
To read even more, click here for the full article by Scott Mowry.
So, as Scott Mowry asks, ARE YOU READY?