I love to read, write, draw and blog about many things.

I’m a Gnostic Wiccan (as close to a religious label as I can possibly give you) and a naturalist. I’m also interested in the unexplained mysteries of life and death, space/universe, ancient world histories and do believe that there is much life beyond our tiny speck in the universe. I do reviews and commentary on these interests.

I’m a Vietnam Era disabled veteran, divorced and have 5 wonderful (grown) children. I also am blessed with 7 wonderful grandchildren and a proud owner of the sweetest little black Pomeranian you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing!  I love writing, the outdoors, working & playing on my computer, politics, Gimme and Kitten! (Not necessarily in that order!)
I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for my BA in graphic design (haven’t finished yet) and am writing a historical romance novel.
I have worked in administration (the Marine Corps and several veterans organizations), been involved in my town’s government, owned my own business, designed a couple of websites, written & published a short story and write poetry, worked as a co-editor of an online ezine, love making graphics and doing my art.

One thought on “About

  1. Nice to meet you! I am interested in many of the same things and find that as we have gotten away from the natural world, our lives have certainly not gotten better. P.S. The recipes sound very good, esp. as my hubby is battling diabetes and I have a number of health issues. Thanks!

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