Now, you might at first think that this question is really silly, but stick with me for a wee bit.
I’ve been going down a spiritual pathway to find where home is and have been journeying through different religions, studying them, researching their theologies, beliefs, spiritual foundations, ideals, messages and ideologies. In doing so, I have found that there are several in which I have found some information which seems to ring true within myself and sings to my heart and soul. But, I have also found that in these same several religious faiths things in which I just can’t accept what they teach.  So, I take what is right from the ones that ring true and leave what doesn’t. In doing so, I haven’t chosen one particular religious label.
I have a muslim friend who gets quite exasperated at times with me and says that I’m a Heinz 57 believer and that I just need to pick ONE religion and stick with it. Why? I believe that there is a higher power or Creator(s), what does it matter that I must label this belief and pigeon hole myself into a worldly man-made religious system? Does God have a religion? Does S/He dictate that we must belong to one or another religious faith to be heard by Her/Him? Does S/He show preference to one who belongs to a religion over one who does not? Does S/He show preference over one religion than others? I really think the answer to these questions is an adamant …NO! I do not need a priest/minister/rabbi/guru (etc) to act as a middle man between me and my Creator(s). I do not need a man written holy manual/book to guide me and tell me right from wrong. I do not need a church/mosque/synagogue (etc) to worship in and have the middle man read from his holy book, interpret it and then preach to me HIS take on what HE believes is God’s message. God gave me a brain, intelligence to use this brain, S/He gave me a heart to feel Her/His message and follow it  and a soul to do what is morally and humanly right. Everything else, is just theoretical guess-work and subject to individual interpretation and faith/belief.
Religion is a mankind’s thing….. not a God’s thing. So the next time someone asks you, what religion do you practice, say… whatever God’s religion is. That will definitely make them stop and think. And who knows, maybe that will start them on their own personal spiritual journey.  And THAT is a good thing indeed!

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