I just heard on the local news that a city not far from me here in Maine has gotten enough signatures to force a referendum on the November ballot to allow non-(US)citizens to be able to vote just because they pay taxes, have children in the city’s schools and live there. It won’t let them do state or federal voting (YET!) but it’s only fair they say, to let them do so at the city level.
HUH? Excuse me, but if I’m not mistaken, our constitution allows American citizens to vote. The operative word there being… AMERICAN! So they pay taxes! So they have children attending our schools! If they are NOT American citizens, then they do NOT have the same rights as I do given to me by my constitutional rights!!! Same with the illegal immigrants issue. How dare they come to my country, ILLEGALLY….. take from our welfare system, in most cases don’t pay taxes (but now want to get social security benefits!), get drivers licenses, and then have the nerve to DEMAND equal rights that I, being born and raised here thus being LEGAL, have the constitutional right to have! What in God’s holy name gives them the right to even THINK they can do this? If I went to their country and tried this, I’d be jailed and then when done serving my sentence, promptly deported!
Now I don’t want to hear about how immigrants made and built this country argument to defend this. I am NOT talking about LEGAL immigrants who become American citizens. I’m talking about ILLEGAL immigrants and immigrants who have NOT become American citizens. If you want to vote, receive welfare assistance, social security benefits, live freely as an American and have a voice on how the municipality you live in functions, then take the time to become an American! Otherwise, you’re just a visitor who has been granted permission to work and live here. If you’re here ILLEGALLY, then you don’t deserve ANYTHING from us, let alone have the right to DEMAND anything and you need to be deported back to your original home and denied entry for a few years as punishment for breaking OUR LAWS! Your own country would do the same thing to ME if I went there illegally (as they should!) so why do you expect my country to do anything different?
Yes, I welcome immigrants who LEGALLY come here. My own family history is Irish, so I understand wanting a better way of life. But until you actually put your hand over your heart, pledge allegiance to the American flag and our constitution and BECOME an American, you’re still just a visitor in my country, and have NO constitutional right to vote or any other constitutional rights granted to Americans, PERIOD!

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